Florida Keys Water Activities

The Best Things to Do on the Water Around the Florida Keys

Seeing as the Florida Keys are entirely surrounded by water, you're safe in assuming that there's a ton a fun things to do at and below the surface. From scuba diving enchanting coral reefs to soaring above the waves on a parasailing adventure, the waters are as rich with activities as they are with marine life. 


Check out some of our favorite Florida Keys water activities below, and head over to our Area Guide for more valuable trip-planning information.

Scuba Diving & Snorkeling

Surrounding the Florida Keys is an extensive coral reef ecosystem that's extraordinary to explore! In fact there is even a Florida state park, John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, that is dedicated solely to the reefs around Key Largo.


This park as well as other renowned reef and wreck sites are excellent to explore by diving or snorkeling!

Boating & Fishing

It's not a true Florida Keys vacation without taking to the seas for at least one boating adventure! The wonderful ocean breeze coupled with vibrant clear blue waters at the Keys make boating a great way to spend the day.


While out on the boat, it's worth casting a line or two for some fishing. Our healthy reef system supports a plethora of exciting fish to catch!


There's no better way to learn about the Florida Keys' enchanting enviroments than on one of the local eco-tours. From paddling through imposing mangrove forests on a kayak to setting sail at sunset on a massive schooner, our eco-tours offer up some truly magnificent experiences!


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Thrill-seekers can rejoice on a trip to the Florida Keys, as there are a ton of great watersport activities to try out. Mix air and sea on a parasailing adventure or by kitesurfing waves at Islamorada and Marathon. You also can't go wrong renting a jet ski for some fun-throttle fun.


Whichever activity you choose, remember to stay mindful of the other boats and beachgoers.

For more insider's information on things to see and do on your vacation to the Florida Keys, head over to our Area Guide. If you're looking for exciting activities on land, the be sure to check out our Things to Do page.



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