Florida Keys Area Guide

Your Guide to the Ultimate Florida Keys Vacation

From Key Largo to Key West, all of the Florida Keys offer up some of the grandest tropical views in the world. With that impressive scenery comes a fantastic array of things to do and places to explore on land and at sea around the Keys. 


On land you'll be treated to postcard-perfect tropical landscapes with long stretches of sandy beaches and idyllic palm trees. Towns across the keys are all great fun to explore for sightseeing, fine dining, and picking up a souvenir or two. Between the towns and palms you'll also discover fascinating historic landmarks that transport you back in time to the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Don't forget the national and state parks too for the most picturesque sites on land.


Of course, the Florida Keys are synonimous with the rich ocean and gulf waters that surround them. You can venture out by boat to enjoy refreshing sea breezes and gaze into the crystal clear blue waters. Below the surface, your eyes can feast on the magnificent and vibrant coral reefs of the Florida Keys. And let's not forget the marine life of these enchanting seascapes. Turtles, dolphins, rays, eels, and countless species of tropical fish all call this place home, and are wonderful to see on or below the surface.


All that and more awaits you on your journey to the Florida Keys. Discover all to see and do on your Florida Keys vacation by browsing the links below. And be sure to reserve the best accomodations by booking one of Bluescape's wonderful vacation rentals.